Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Is Involved In Building A Non-Reciprocal SEO Inbound Link?

Providing visitors with high-quality content, is done by using a good quality inbound link. If you give your readers what they are looking for, they are likely to link back to you because they want to share your information with others. Here are some beneficial ways to build quality non-reciprocal medical search engine optimization friendly links:

Write an Article

Writing an article accomplishes two things:

1). It solidifies your reputation as an expert in your field.
2). Submits your articles to article directories, it gives you a great inbound link you have control over.

Writing the article is the hard part. Just like your website, the content should be interesting, clear and relevant to your topic.

Press Releases

Do you have anything interesting to share about your business? Another fantastic way to gain inbound links, are Press Releases. Similar to articles, you want to submit your press release to key online publishers. Services like PRWeb will distribute your press release to many publishers for a fee. You can be sure to gain some quality links to your medical search engine optimization website from high-ranking news sources, if your news is worthwhile.

Paid Links

Should you pay other sites for a link back to your site? Paid links were a common practice many years ago. Today, they are frowned upon by the search engines. Not to mention, if you get caught buying links, your site could be severely penalized. Google declared, in 2007 that paid links were in violation of their Webmaster guidelines.

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